Livestock & Human Connections

Growing up with beef cattle on our family farm in central Saskatchewan has given me some amazing memories from the experiences with them. Being up at the crack of dawn to help feed and care for our 4-H calves before school, meeting all kinds of people at events based around the animals, such as rodeo and farm tradeshows are just a few, but the best of all would be working with them to maintain the best kind of life for all involved, through keeping them healthy and happy. When I moved into the city to attend the Photographic Technology program at NAIT it quickly became apparent that not everybody understood the connections that I did, and what happens on a large percentage of farms in North America in how livestock are cared for. I do not state the world as I do not personally have that evidence and experience, but I do believe the large majority of farms to be the same worldwide.

This misunderstanding as well as the misconceptions that many in the livestock industry face are what prompted me to use our Thesis project to show some of the connections that, we as humans, make with the livestock we work with. To work with an animal, without getting hurt, you need to have some sort of understanding, this can be as simple as a mutual respect of each other and can become as complicated as a knowledge of being able to read each other's body signals, and trusting your lives to them. With this wide of a scale, it was very hard to be able to narrow down the topics and capture as much as possible in such a short frame of time, that would properly demonstrate what can happen. The following video is my present version of this project, I would love to turn this into a huge project that will take up its own gallery page on here as it is so large in the different categories. I hope you enjoy it!

On Saturday February 10, 2018 my class and I presented our Thesis videos in a fun evening of looking back at memories, experiencecs and laughs that we put on at NAIT. Our class had a wide range of topics, which made the evening very educational and inspiring for everybody. Now that we have done our big evening I will slowly be doing a little bit of background on each of the images that I used and how I came to choose them. Keep an eye out for them in the future!

This project is something that I will continue to add to in the future as I further develop my skills as a photographer and find more opportunities to be able to show these connections. If you would like to be a part of this project in the near future, feel free to get in contact with me, I would love to hear and be able to capture the connections that you have. 

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