Mother's & Father's Day from a Distance

While many make time to go visit their mother’s & father’s on these special days, for some it does not always work. So today I am getting to sit and think of all the amazing memories I have got to do with my parents on those days and how I would not be anywhere close to following this dream without them.

This photo may be a few years old now, but it was an amazing milestone for both my parents on their 25th anniversary & the start of a new adventure for our family as we were all getting older and starting to find our own paths.


Mother’s Day growing up would normally be when we would all pitch in and help plant the garden, make a fresh batch of homemade bread and buns and go out and enjoy the new born calves and crocuses in the back pasture. A trip in to town to visit with our grandmothers was normally somewhere in there too. This was partially because my siblings and I always seemed to be on the move to an activity or as farming & ranching families know, the farm doesn’t stop.

With all of our chaos though my mom showed us that no matter the circumstances you can follow your dreams. While raising 4 of us kids with my Dad she studied and received the designation of a Certified General Accountant and built her own accounting business. Now, after her teaching me how to do my own bookkeeping for my business, I am really starting to understand the magnitude of.

With everything she has going on she is always there for my Dad, my siblings and I. Even when we call in the middle of the day to discuss a business point and we get sidetracked, she will give us the best advice that she can. She is 1 of my biggest role models and I am so grateful to her for everything. I wish I could give you a hug and thank you in person today instead of over the phone, but that will have to wait another 2 weeks until I am home.

This could be a very long post, so I will stop here for now and continue the other half for Father’s Day. I hope you all are getting to enjoy Mother’s Day in your own way.