Country Moments

Today a classmate and I got talking about how, when your away from the country, you miss the simple things the most. The example we used was actually as simple as, the sky, even though it is the same vast expanse of blue that we can see anywhere, being out in the country allows it to settle into you so much more.

The best explanation I have been able to come up with in my head, since our discussion, is that in the city, everything is supplementary to you and the city. Everything surrounds around how busy, powerful and modern or historical things are. Who has the biggest building, best location,  most money, clients, etc.

Whereas out in the country, nature itself dominates and the people who live their have to be able to adjust their lives to move with what happens in nature. No one as hard as they try, can control nature, the clouds will come and go and so will the rain and snow and we are left to deal with it the best that we can and enjoy the beauty that it gives.

There is no way that I can list all of the amazing moments that I have gotten to take in growing up in the country. Mainly because for most of them, you only know the inner peace it can offer by experiencing it yourself. A few of my absolute favourites that some of you may be able to relate to would definitely be:

~Going for a walk through the animals with the dogs by your side while the sun is coming up. Enjoying how the light falls across all of the animals and promises an amazing new day.

~ Watching a group of young calves racing around the pen or pasture, kicking up their heels while their mothers are just out of the way eating.

~Sitting on the deck or fence taking in the absolute silence that only the country can offer. A silence that allows you to hear the cow off in the pasture calling to its calf or a train whistle floating across miles of hills for you to here. 

~Communicating with an animal through very little besides your body movements, whether it is sorting animals to be handled or going for a horseback ride.

Although this may not be the most interesting topic I have wrote about, to me it is something that has always made me love my life and those experiences that I have had. A part of me misses the country every minute that I am not in it, but I can't wait to be able to capture everything that little bit better everytime I get to return to it.