Frequently Asked Questions


Payment Options

Etransfer to If you are placing an order through the gallery and would like to etransfer, you may select pay later during checkout and then proceed to send the etransfer. Password needs to be sent in the notes section of the order or in a separate message.

Credit Cards are processed through Paypal.

Cash or Cheque for orders where you are either ordering or picking it up from me in person. Cheque in the mail is also possible, the order will be completed upon receiving, unless otherwise arranged.

Combining Galleries into 1 order

The gallery does not yet have the functionality to combine photos from different events or galleries into 1 order. If you would like to place an order from multiple galleries, you should complete the order, selecting ‘pay later’ at checkout and let me know how you would like to do payment. I will manually combine the orders to make sure the discounts are properly applied and send you the final invoice.

Order Turn-Around

My goal is to get regular print & digital orders done within 2 weeks. For larger prints such as metal & canvas options, it may take a little longer, although I am constantly trying to improve my workflow to be able to get orders done as soon as possible. If you need something sooner than that time frame, please let me know and I will do my best to work with you on it.

Previous Rodeo Season Galleries

Galleries from the previous season will be made inactive after the start of the current years regular season. I will send out a warning post on social media before this happens. To re-gain access there will be a $25 deposit or ‘research fee’, which will be applied against orders of $100+.

Digital Options

For digital file options I offer 2 file sizes; social media/online digital & high resolution digital. These files are further edited & finished upon order and are emailed, unless otherwise requested.

Social Media/Online Digital copies are optimized through specific settings for use online. The specs used allow for a smaller file size, which means faster loading online and less space used to save it to your devices. With the more compact file it will not print very well though.

A High Resolution Digital is a larger sized file that could be used for self printing. These are quite large files so do take a long time to load online.

Event Digital All-Access Packages

All-access packages allow direct downloading from the gallery specified using a pin, with discounts on further print orders. The difference between these digital files and the other digitals are that the gallery photos have a basic edit done to them before uploading. The separate digitals (online & high resolution digitals) are further refined and enhanced upon order.

For association finals where this option has been chosen, contestants have already paid in their entry fees and can either get the gallery pin from the association or by contacting me.